Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why are two-thirds of Americans anti-American?

I heard a right-winger on local radio this morning express pleasure at the lack of "anti-American" comments on some country-music awards show on television last night.

By "anti-American," the guy doubtless meant antiwar, which got me wondering. Why do some conservatives persist in the fiction that opposition to the war in Iraq is confined to a small, radical, leftish element of the populace?

The truth, as we see here, is that two of every three Americans -- including countless Republicans, military veterans, barbers, lawyers, plumbers, sports nuts, Kiwanians, devout religionists, Southerners, business executives, hunters, coin collectors, construction workers, moms, dads, uncles and aunts -- are opposed to this war.

Are these folks all anti-American? Or are the real anti-Americans the ones who impugn the patriotism of those who dare to speak out against the war? Fascism is an ugly thing.

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