Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, man! I wish they would try this in Illinois

Republican Party poobahs in Virginia have won approval from the State Board of Elections for a provision requiring anybody who asks for a GOP ballot in the upcoming primary election to sign a pledge that they'll vote for the party's presidential nominee next November.

A similar move is afoot in Kansas.

Don't these people recognize that a scheme like this is not likely to sit well with the general public? Don't they notice the whiff of fascism or totalitarianism or some other ugly ism that comes with requiring such an oath of party loyalty?

Are the Republican leaders here in Illinois dumb enough to emulate such nonsense. God, I hope so.


MR. BASEBALL said...

How can this possibly be legal? Didn't anybody challenge this in the courts in Virginia?

The Rascal said...

Anybody with brains enough to challenge the matter in court is too smart to be taking a Republican ballot to begin with and therefore would have no standing before the court. I, for instance, can't push for my rights in a primary in which I don't intend to participate.